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Dramatic video of Georgia police officers administering CPR, applying an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and injecting Narcan into a man that overdosed on opioids

Sadly we live in an era where many people will only post videos of police officers caught on camera while engaging in questionable predicaments (while never knowing the full context, or all the facts). But here’s one that deems these fine police officers as ‘heroes.’ Albeit this was difficult for me to watch. Because just

The “Never Quit” video for Law Enforcement (warning graphic)

Though this video is a secular video, it has an important message. My Christian-Biblical worldview has helped me in my Law Enforcement career, but my career has also helped me in the ministry. One of those attributes (through the school of hard knocks), was to “never quit” or demonstrate ‘perseverance’ through trials and temptations. One

Music video ‘In the Line Of Duty,’ by Jon Secada

“Line of Duty” is written and performed by Jon Secada and Joel Someillan, and was commissioned by the Dade County PBA as a means of promoting good relations and respect between law enforcement and the citizens they protect in every community across the nation. The concept for creating “Line of Duty” came from Dade County