Biblically applying Romans 13 to preach, in spite police response – video excerpts

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After seeing another Biblical herald being wrongfully criticized by heterodox believers for how he handled the police, I post this.

There’s a lot of talk today about liberals hating “free speech.” Since the beginning of Christianity, Christian Men who have been called to go, stand, and preach the Gospel in the public square have always known and understood the hatred of some public speech, especially the preaching of the glorious Law & Gospel. But Christians and Churches do not have to obey “the authorities” when,

a)  They give an unlawful order, or
b)  They forbid Christians (or the Church) to do what the Bible commands, or
c)   They command Christians to do what the Scriptures forbid, or
d)  They tell Christians to go against the Scriptures.

In these cases, we can Biblically disobey the authorities. It may cost us our freedom, but it’s a worthy price to pay. Christians are not called to flinch in the face of adversity, and we should be willing to lay down our lives for the cause of Christ.

It’s one thing to preach from the comfort of our church pulpits amongst friendlies in a safe controlled predictable environment. But it’s another to do so out in the world in an uncontrolled, unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous hostile work environment.

It’s one thing to teach Romans 13, but it’s another to actually Biblically apply and demonstrate it. The following video is just a few of many incidents where the police detained me while preaching and contending for the faith. But by applying a correct exegesis, application, and demonstration of Romans 13, by God’s grace, I pressed on in spite of the opposition. As I’ve said before, my favorite book on evangelism, is the book of Acts.

Lastly, though your local church should be discipling you. As an alternative, I welcome the brethren to consider my PowerPoint on evangelism.

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