A PowerPoint on Biblical Evangelism, by Bill Rhetts, MA

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Warrior Knight as Gods royal priestsA PowerPoint on Biblical Evangelism, by Bill Rhetts, MA

This is the outline of a two hour 72-slide presentation that I have given at a couple venues. It would be more beneficial to have the voice of the author give the explanation and application. Nevertheless this may be helpful to you.

Nowhere in the Scriptures are Christians told to wait once a year, to bring an unbeliever to a crusade. But the Scriptures do tell us to bring the crusade to them.

Table of contents:

  • The Church
  • The Evangelist
  • Boldness, courage, and/or confidence
  • What does the Bible say about public preaching?
  • Dealing with hecklers (with videos)
  • Dealing with the ‘Stop Judging Me’ card
  • Being ready to give an answer
  • Developing our messages or sermons
  • The Law vs the Gospel
  • A check up from the neck up
  • When evangelism becomes a stumbling block
  • Dealing with the police
  • Soteriology (an abbreviated ABC’s application to this presentation)
  • Encouraging words from others, and
  • Round table discussion

UPDATE 10/27/18: I no longer give this presentation at churches. I believe it is important to disciple, train-up, and equip your own men from your own congregation, and use them for teaching and preaching. But you can use this PowerPoint as you wish. More in comments below.

Download PowerPoint here

Additional resources 
Some of the slides have many additional links for applicable articles and/or videos.


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