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Evangelizing a generation of young adults (edited version)

As you’ll see in this Garmin generated graphic, while on my evangelcycle (bicycle) I covered lots of ground at the University of Redlands (UofR). Then by providence I unexpectedly saw a large event at the Redlands Bowl. And So I sowed Seeds until my Gospel tracts were gone. Music ‘I will be there,’ by Tom

Are you thirsty, in a salvific sense? (open-air preaching video)

Today while I was street preaching a message about a ‘Biblical thirst’ (dipsaō) that is responsive to salvation, this woman walked by me uttering the words “that’s ridicules!” So I responded back for all to hear. She told me “Jesus wouldn’t do that!” Later after my sermon she continued to rebuke me for rebuking her.

Video of ‘The BEST MEMORIAL DAY ever’

During this holiday season, my theme was memorializing the most prolific, powerful, and prophetic Memorial Day ever. One that I formally celebrate monthly. Though this Memorial Day is the most important, it was also an opportunity to thank our Veterans for their service. The “Atheist” was very mellow, but the aggressive ones will be commenting

Evangelizing Restaurant Drive-Thru’s via bicycle

Today while evangelizing every ‘fast food restaurant drive-thru’ in my city (except for one), I broke my cycling record (since being back on a bicycle). In both the length of my ride, and the total time. Not bad for where my heart health was not too long ago. I’m making my Pacemaker work over-time. This

Preaching the Gospel from my bicycle

I’m sharing this video because it’s a bit sentimental. The back door to my ‘investigations business’ used to be within this alley. But I closed it down to finish grad school, but since the full-time paid ministry opportunity didn’t work out, I ‘might’ start it up again. HI-CALIBER Investigations, it’s in the name! (CA. Lic.