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After I preached, an Arminian promotes his man-centered heresies – the acceptance Gospel, & the false deity of ‘me, myself, and I: Semper Reformanda!

After distributing the tracts I preached thru the Law (all Ten Commandments), the Gospel, and then from the Text for today (which was Hebrews 4:14-16). During the Q&A the man seen in the beginning clip inserted his man-made man-centered heresies (a free-will acceptance Gospel that alleges man can save himself by “accepting Jesus”). Interestingly he

Cults love casual conversationalism, but watch what happens when…

Casual conversationalism is appreciated and preferred by most of the world. But when you proclaim God’s infallible, inerrant, sufficient Word of God, they flee. Sadly much of today’s “apologetics” have become like a ‘show and tell’ in grade school. Whereas they “share” with each other on a mutual respect level. But a Christian stands upon

Compilation of ‘street preaching’ photos

Church, don’t let the pews that we sit on turn us into potatoes (hence pew potatoes). Instead, our sanctuaries should be barracks where the church militant is trained and equipped for battle. Upon our regeneration, we were enlisted into the Lords army. Let us respond to our salvation with that, and the glory of the

Preached ‘the Word knows the thoughts & intent of our heart’

Since I had zero hecklers, and no opposition, I thought perhaps I was a little too soft. But I later learned that there was a high percentage of professing Christians in this line. Had I known that, I would have preached a different message. Currently I am street preaching through the book of Hebrews at