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Don’t Let Your Doctrine Lead You Away From Christ, by Tim Conway

When I saw the title of this video I was taken back, but I’m glad I watched it. Though the Doctrines of grace and other essential Doctrines are nonnegotiable, and we must unequivocally defend them. But to do so without God the Father, and/or Christ being “thee focal point,” frankly it is sin. In Revelation

Must see sermon on ‘The bondage of the will,’ by Dr. Sonny Hernandez

This is an excellent sermon refuting the arrogant, heretical, idolatrous, self-righteous, belief, that man has a ‘free will’ to become saved. And all of this with no notes. Though Dr. Sonny Hernandez does not practice it here. One of the qualities of Hernandez, is that he does not hypocritically point his fingers at those ‘other