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Breaking News – IPOC Podcasts (Godcasts) coming soon

I already spend a great deal of time responding to questions asked in either YouTube comments, emails, or through various social media platforms. So why not respond to them like a radio show, or studio format. Henceforth, IPOC Podcasts (aka Godcasts). So if you have any questions related to what the Bible says about a

2019 Financial update, and 10,000 more Gospel tracts

In keeping our word for ‘financial transparency,’ the following is our ‘year to date’ financial report for 2019. Income: $1,193.71 Expense:  $497.50 A breakdown of those expenses: Bank charges $128.00 Computer / web site maintenance $142.50 Credit card merchant services $50.00 Franchise Tax Board $50.00 Postage / PO Box rental $53.00 Conferences & meetings $48.00