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This page only includes the funerals that were either tape recorded, and/or when the family gave permission to publish them.

04-12-17 / The funeral of Betty Smith. On behalf of this wonderful family, by the grace of God, the Lord gave me the courage to preach the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:24-35), and both the goodness and severity of God (Romans 11:22). I began this sermon sharing the fruitful ‘life and legacy’ of this wonderful saint (Betty). I also shared some things that Betty allowed me to share at her funeral. I then preached the Sermon, which included both the Law (the bad news), and the Gospel (the good news). I called the lost to repentance, and to believe in the Gospel that I had just preached. I then closed with a particular Doxology.

So that I would not mislead any non-believers present, I explained to those in attendance that many of the Scriptures I would share, come with an exclusivity applicable only to Christians, and I reminded them of that, as those Scriptures were recited.

The Lord pressed it on my heart to preach on some things that are not preached at most funerals. Therefore hell was mention 9 times, wrath 9, the word repent 12, and the words born-again 8 times. If my sermon pleased the Lord, then I know Betty would be pleased too.

A more detailed blog post can be viewed here.

05-10-13 / The funeral of police officer Chis Gibson. An officer and a gentleman. A Vietnam war hero, and a fine Fontana police officer

Funeral of Fontana police officer Chris Gibson - by Chaplain Bill Rhetts     
 A blog post can be seen here.

05-23-13 / The funeral message of my Dad – Bill Rhetts, Sr. A U.S. Navy veteran, boxer, football player, business owner, and most importantly (to me) my dad.

The funeral message of Bill Rhetts, Sr. - by Bill Rhetts, Jr.     
A blog post with video can be viewed here.

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