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Dramatic video of Georgia police officers administering CPR, applying an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and injecting Narcan into a man that overdosed on opioids

Sadly we live in an era where many people will only post videos of police officers caught on camera while engaging in questionable predicaments (while never knowing the full context, or all the facts). But here’s one that deems these fine police officers as ‘heroes.’ Albeit this was difficult for me to watch. Because just

Video preaching ‘God punished & forsook the baby Christmas Jesus (1 man responds to the Gospel, 2 ladies ask for prayer, 1 weeps, a 4th intercedes & 1 lady tells me to preach more)

The Lord’s ‘power and glory’ shined throughout this glorious morning. Before I even started preaching (while distributing tracts), a lady asked me to pray for her (seen in upper left video). Then once I finished preaching, one lady sitting in line exhorts me to preach some more. Then another lady approached me encouraging me to