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Hebrews 1:5-14

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And this sermon is verses 5-14, but more specifically,

  • Vs 5-6 is Christology over angelology
  • Vs 7-9 is Christ perfectly loves, and perfectly hates
  • Vs 10-12 is Our Creator & Christ are eternal, but His creation not so
  • Vs 13-14 is Gods Angels are for His elect.

In vs 9a it says God “loved righteousness and hated wickedness.”

Today most of our evangelicalism has a worldly form of love. An unbiblical love that tolerates, accepts, condones, celebrates, and/or acquiesces to sin.

But the God of the Bible, and the Jesus of the Scriptures do NOT accept, condone, celebrate, and/or acquiesce to sin. In fact, He hates sin, and those whom practice sin, iniquity, and/or lawlessness.

Christ does not a hold middle ground in attempt to foster an environment of “unity” or “peace” amongst sin, unbiblical views, and/or bad doctrine. Nor does He extend a “common grace” between His church, and the lost world. And since the Scriptures tell us to be “imitators of God,” then we too must hate sin, and love righteousness.

As one scholar said, “His providence by which He rules from His throne of mediation, when rightly understood, reveals the same, and His final judgment will proclaim it before all worlds. We should imitate Him both in His love and hate; they are both needful to complete a righteous character.”