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A warning for Christians, by Pastor Matt Trewhella (a short video)

This warning from Pastor Matt Trewhella is spot-on. I am thankful for the Coronavirus as the Lord used it to separate the sheep from the goats. As I recently preached in this sermon, our local churches across America are full of “spiritually neutered” men, and a “castrated Christendom.” And regarding “persecution?” Lord, let Your will

County health Administer speaks out against masks and lockdowns

I give this fellow a big hearty amen. He used the word that I’ve been using for a long time “control,” because it’s all about control and conditioning. I am sad for the many politically correct people that have allowed themselves to be a slave to their puppet master. Instead, Christians must be a δούλος

An Exposition of Psalm 76, by Pastor Bill Rhetts

While doing expository teaching on this chapter, I also applied the importance of believing in the God of these Scriptures. As one woman yesterday that was killing her child at an abortion mill, claimed to already believe in both God and Jesus. I also discussed the importance of the Doctrine of Divine Impassibility, as well