Christian men in the midst of a winter storm

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I write this to men. Since men are called to lead in their homes, government, churches, and communities, I have greater expectations of them. 

This winter storm the Lord has brought to the Southeast is not an anomaly to me. I am near the East Coast. The anomaly is how a majority of businesses, churches, and citizens responded. And how the establishment capitulated with their “Stay home” mantra. Or the frequent broadcasting on social media “Closed Today Due to Inclement Weather!” Especially the local news media, who ran that narrative ad nauseam. The anomaly was how our Christendom in the “Bible Belt” was not much different than the rest of the world.  

The below passage is a rebuke and exhortation. A rebuke of the fearful, faithless, and fainthearted. But God encourages them, Lord willing, that they be strengthened. 

“Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees. Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold, your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompense; he will come and save you.” – Isaiah 35:3-4

There’s a healthy fear and an unhealthy fear. The unhealthy fear weakens man and we should identify and discourage it. Christian men shouldn’t run from troubles, when necessary we should run to them.

The word “strengthen” is châzaq. In Hebrew it means to be strong, courageous, to be obstinate (or stubborn), conquer, encourage, continue, to become mighty, prevail, to be stout, to behave self valiantly, and/or to withstand.

As one commentary reads, “The Hebrew for “strengthen” refers to the strength residing in the hand for grasping and holding a thing manfully; “confirm,” to the firmness with which one keeps his ground, so as not to be dislodged by any other.”

Though this type of masculinity is politically incorrect, it is Biblically correct.

The point is. If we’re saved, we ought to act like Christian men. Not this spiritually neutered evangelicalism. A woman (a Karen) on social media called me “selfish” because I chose to go out, and blog about it. Mind you last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I was able to help people who were stranded, and shared the Gospel with many of them. And I’m thankful for the man who strapped me and my wife out of a ditch. 

This morning while driving to the store, I saw a couple of vehicles stranded. Myself and another man freed one motorist from the ditch he had slid into. The reason I share that vehicle recovery is he was enroute to church. It’s a joyful blessing to be able to help another get to church this morning. Not knowing if the men were saved, they gladly accepted Gospel tracts

Nonetheless, like Cowboys, Christians, Lord willing, get back on the saddle and press on.

What’s the solution to this problem? As Jesus said in His letters to the compromising, corrupt, dead, unloving, and lukewarm churches (Rev 2&3); “repent” don’t repeat. Pray Almighty God strengthens, emboldens, and encourages us. 

If people choose to stay home in “inclement weather,” much grace to them. But if people choose to continue their regular daily activities, we should support them. But don’t be like the aforementioned Karen.

Similar to how I handled Covid. We can take reasonable precautionary measures. And reasonable did not mean shut down, lockdown, wear a facemask, get a vaccine and/or stay-at-home mandates.

If you don’t want to be snowed in and don’t have a four-wheel drive vehicle now, consider one for your next vehicle.

Buy a pair of snow chains or cables and learn how to use them. Go out and tell the lost world about a greater storm that is to come (2 Thess. 1:7-10)!

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