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When a young celebrity who professes to be a Christian, that teaches heresy & is an advocate for the homosexual agenda, dies at a young age; I’m not sure I would call that a “tragedy”

There’s no need to include names in this post, as it is applicable to many other similar stories. Recently a young pretty “celebrity” woman who professes to be a Christian, who has a blog that teaches heresy, who referred to God as a woman, and who was an advocate for the homosexual agenda – unexpectedly

Responding to a YouTuber’s comment “Am I still a “sinner?”

YouTuber Tom Dutch inputted the following comment under one of my videos. I believe Tom’s comment is reasonable. Therefore below is my response. Tom thank you for your comment. Yes you are partially correct, and yes perhaps I do say that too much. But let us not forget that the Apostle Paul referred to himself

The Glorious Gospel (our new IPOC Ministries Gospel Tract)

By God’s grace I have written this new Gospel Tract. All the previous tracts I’ve used fell short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23b). But due to the size of this one (1,815 words), it is richer in Theology, and deeper in Doctrine (1 Tim 6:3). However the costs of the ‘printed edition’ are