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The Glorious Gospel (our new IPOC Ministries Gospel Tract)

By God’s grace I have written this new Gospel Tract. All the previous tracts I’ve used fell short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23b). But due to the size of this one (1,815 words), it is richer in Theology, and deeper in Doctrine (1 Tim 6:3). However the costs of the ‘printed edition’ are

Biblical Thoughts on Billy Graham, by Zephaniah Mel, M.Div.

Biblical Thoughts on Billy Graham, by Zephaniah Mel, M.Div. The focus of this post is not for the purpose of debating the salvation of Billy Graham or the success he garnered, but a post to bring another perspective concerning the dangerous pitfalls of ecumenism (*[for this context] “an ideology that desires unity among all Christian

Faith and Repentance: Which Comes First?, by Dr. Sinclair Buchanan Ferguson

It might be reasonable to say that public Heralds are the most criticized portion of the Lord’s Church, and sadly it frequently comes from professing Christians. The area that I am most criticized for by professing Christians, is that I often preach repentance. Professing Christians that are opponents of preaching repentance, will even wrongfully call