Multiple videos sharing the Gospel with the Police at various venues

Too many professing Christians consistently complain about the police, and from a social perspective it’s a form of antinomianism, or being against ‘law and order’ or justice. Frankly, I expect MUCH more from Pastors and professing Christians than I do the Police. Christians are a saved regenerate changed repenting people group. But like everyone else,

Video Evangelizing DTLA via Bicycle

My Cardiologist admonished me to lose more weight, but the good news is to counter my cardiomyopathy he is allowing me to “increase” my cardio exercise with more intensity. So I’m back on a bicycle. I love evangelizing Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), but the traffic and parking is always a setback. So I have decided

Graphic video of officer involved shooting – LAPD Van Nuys Division – suspect holds woman hostage, slashes her throat, police shoot and kill both the suspect & victim (critical incident NRF040-18)

It is my policy to generally not criticize police officers use of force online, because I was not there, but I will here, because the outcome is unacceptable. However in this case, I am also criticizing their departments policies that can either restrict, effect, or endanger them (or in this case the citizens). I have so much