Graphic video of officer involved shooting – LAPD Van Nuys Division – suspect holds woman hostage, slashes her throat, police shoot and kill both the suspect & victim (critical incident NRF040-18)

It is my policy to generally not criticize police officers use of force online, because I was not there, but I will here, because the outcome is unacceptable. However in this case, I am also criticizing their departments policies that can either restrict, effect, or endanger them (or in this case the citizens). I have so much

Video of the July 21st LAPD Hollywood Division pursuit, terminating at Trader Joes Northeast Division, ending in a gun battle, hostage situation & the death of innocent… (NRF046-18)

Officers from LAPD Hollywood Division are in pursuit of a vehicle. It terminates at the Trader Joes in Northeast Division, ends in a shootout, a hostage situation, and the tragic death of innocents. Watch to the end, it is much more intense via the views provided by the officer’s body cams. In closing to born-again

The 2017 LAPD Police Memorial video

This video brings much sentimental value. I served on the LAPD Honor Guard detail, where I performed the 21-gun salute, and U.S. flag folds at funerals, as well as various other details and presentations at VIP events. By God’s grace today, I still attend police funerals & memorials, but to share the Law & Gospel