Los Angeles facemask mandates are helpful to criminals and hurtful to decent citizens like murder victim Brianna Kupfer

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The reason why the #LAPD has not yet been able to identify the male black who murdered Brianna Kupfer, as well as many other unsolved crimes, is because they mandate their citizens to wear masks that cover their faces, even while inside banks. While citizens like myself resist their tyranny, Brianna’s killer capitulates to their orders wearing his “N95 mask.” Ah, he’s such a good citizen. 🤮

Similarly, they don’t allow decent citizens to carry concealed firearms (without a permit), but the criminals will never obey their gun-grabbing laws. Though Brianna’s killer used a knife, current laws forbid victims like Brianna to carry a tactical knife.

Then we have seen LAPD officers in uniform, literally bending a knee in support of the racist Marxist Black Lives Matter terrorist group.

All this is a recipe for disaster, all concocted by liberal city “leadership” and their liberal police management.

I will continue to resist their facemask mandates, their anti-gun laws, and their anti-knife laws, and I will stand for, and defend citizens like Brianna Kupfer.

Read the story about Brianna’s murder here or below.

Woman, 24, Stabbed to Death in Daytime Attack at L.A. Furniture Store | PEOPLE.com

Update 01/19/22: The suspect has been identified as 32-year-old Shawn Laval Smith. I pray he is either is captured or killed without the police or anymore citizens being killed. More here or below.

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