Women Civil Magistrates? A must-hear sermon by Dr. Joe Morecraft

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For Christians to effectively engage in apologetics while defending and contending for the faith. We often apply polemics on the offense. And so, without apology, when we defend Biblical masculinity, we will often oppose egalitarianism & feminism.

Dr. Joe Morecraft preached this sermon in 2008 when Sarah Palin was a Vice Presidential running mate with Presidential hopeful John McCain. I was going to describe this sermon as ‘old school,’ but I prefer to call it Biblical. But sadly, Biblical preaching like this is becoming old school or a thing of the past. Gender confusion belongs in the world, not in the Lord’s church or among professing Christian people.

Whether he be a male wearing a dress, or a female wearing a military or police uniform (feminazi), all forms of cross-dressing are a demonstration of bisexual anthropology and a perversion of God’s order of creation.

I love his use of Biblical hermeneutics to debunk the false teaching that women can lead in civil government today, because Deborah did in the Bible. Deborah’s leading then was a form of God’s judgment upon a people.

And fifteen years since this sermon, I’m perplexed how many professing Christians have voted so many more women into office; local, state, or federal. 

It does not matter what the U.S. Constitution or any other secular documents say. The immutable Scriptures are clear. Women are not to lead in the home, church, or government.  

I ordered the book he endorsed The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women, written by John Knox and published in 1558.

I also appreciated his conviction on how to vote Biblically. Years ago, I relied too much on “Christian voter score guides,’ and not enough on the Scriptures. In the 1990s I held a position with the Christian Coalition, where my responsibility was to meet with elected officials to see how they would vote on important issues. Then have their scores placed in those voter guides. I have repented from that, and now use the Scriptures first, and convictions as my voter guide.

I also appreciate his appreciation of Biblical women, and rebuke of apathetic men. But apathetic men and the masculinity crisis are no excuse for the acceptance or endorsement of the sin of feminism. 

You can listen to this excellent sermon below through Sermon Audio or YouTube. For an applicable sermon entitled, ‘The Damnable Doctrine of Equality – Women in Government, a sermon by Elder Samuel Ashwood,’ click here.

Semper Reformanda!

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