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Los Angeles resident Vince Ricci uses a firearm to thwart armed men at his home, the woke LAPD suspend his CCW

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Recently I shared a link on Facebook about Vince Ricci being targeted by armed home invasion robbery suspects. 

Ricci lawfully used his firearm to shoot at the suspects, who were unlawfully carrying firearms. The outcome would have been better if all the suspects were wearing toe tags. Ironically, the WOKE anti-gun, anti-self-defense LAPD just suspended Ricci’s CCW. 

Nonetheless, we need fewer cowards, fewer pacifists, and more #SheepDogs like Vince Ricci. Yes, masculinity matters. We need more that are willing to demonstrate the doctrine of interposition. And, despite your local gun restrictions. We need more to understand and practice the Reformed Doctrine of Lesser Magistrate. As I’ve said before, the citizens are the true first responders. Therefore, I stand with Vince Ricci and his family. 

Though the below video is secular, I appreciate it very much. 

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