Video of “The Gospel Invasion of the Boardwalk – Venice Beach”

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On Friday we evangelized the infamous Boardwalk in Venice Beach (LAPD Pacific Division). As my partner Daniel stated “It’s a 2-mile open bar,” where sinister activity is highly encouraged. The Boardwalk is full of hippies, sorcerers, the occult, even a black man that claims to be Christ.

This is an internationally known tourist attraction, hence we were able to reach people from many parts of the world (Jerusalem, Judeo, and Samaria). We engaged in lots of preaching, lots of Gospel tract distribution, and many conversations. I prayed over a couple people, as well as crowds. There was so much second hand smoke from marijuana, that we’d probably fail a drug test.

To my surprise the Lord placed the man that claims to be Jesus, right in front of us (this was my first time meeting him). Regretfully just before I gave a Biblical rebuke of this false Christ, my GoPro began beeping, indicating my battery was dead.

Daniel was kind enough to shoot some video and photos with another camera (other than my GoPro). Therefore I was able to put together a higher quality video with different camera angles, ect. I hope my subscribers enjoy this.

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