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Video of a man punching a female, a street preacher intervenes, and the message still gets preached – at the Social Security office – viewer discretion is advised, much profanity

As I was approaching this crowd, I witnessed this coward punch this woman twice. It was then that I realized that I encountered this same man last month. He’s an advocate of marijuana use. Sadly he professes (alleges) to be a Christian, and alleges to have gone to “Bible college.” He is the byproduct of

My response to Donald Trump’s Marijuana Gate

According to this article, President Trump has caved-in to the marijuana controversy. The following is our response to Trump, and this sin called sorcery. Dear Mr. President Trump. I am a blood bought born-again follower of Christ. Therefore I am Theologically opposed to marijuana, in which you and your ‘top cop’ are considering advocating for.

A prolific prophetic end time’s video entitled ‘The Hour is Late;’ revealing the more recent increase of violence and sexual immorality, as well as the new Flakka drug outbreak (Rated R for violence and graphic content)

Throughout the Scriptures the Lord Jesus forewarned His church about this. Yes He told us before it became news. But as I stated in my most recent expository teaching on 2 Timothy 3:1-5, “There is no doubt that today we are witnessing an increase in severity of these perilous and violent times.” Pay particular attention to