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Deputy Overdoses on Fentanyl, Caught on Camera – Podcast #55 😰👮‍♂️💙

After watching this heartbreaking video, I will discuss what the Bible says about drugs and drug users. I also apply some law enforcement experience. The aforementioned reports can be downloaded from the below links. Incident report https://www.theexpositor.tv/wp-content/uploads/SDSD-Incident-Report.pdf Dispatch log https://www.theexpositor.tv/wp-content/uploads/SDSD-Dispatch-log.pdf Lab report https://www.theexpositor.tv/wp-content/uploads/LabReport21128566.pdf

Video of a man punching a female, a street preacher intervenes, and the message still gets preached – at the Social Security office – viewer discretion is advised, much profanity

As I was approaching this crowd, I witnessed this coward punch this woman twice. It was then that I realized that I encountered this same man last month. He’s an advocate of marijuana use. Sadly he professes (alleges) to be a Christian, and alleges to have gone to “Bible college.” He is the byproduct of

My response to Donald Trump’s Marijuana Gate

According to this article, President Trump has caved-in to the marijuana controversy. The following is our response to Trump, and this sin called sorcery. Dear Mr. President Trump. I am a blood bought born-again follower of Christ. Therefore I am Theologically opposed to marijuana, in which you and your ‘top cop’ are considering advocating for.

A prolific prophetic end time’s video entitled ‘The Hour is Late;’ revealing the more recent increase of violence and sexual immorality, as well as the new Flakka drug outbreak (Rated R for violence and graphic content)

Throughout the Scriptures the Lord Jesus forewarned His church about this. Yes He told us before it became news. But as I stated in my most recent expository teaching on 2 Timothy 3:1-5, “There is no doubt that today we are witnessing an increase in severity of these perilous and violent times.” Pay particular attention to

Video witnessing to Sonya (a fruit of emergent churchianity)

This young lady is the byproduct of emergent pastors that unbiblically tell their congregation to “slip up your hand,” as they fraudulently declare them all born-again. Because there is nothing salvific about that, nor ‘believing’ according to the English definition of the word ‘believe.’ “If the professed convert distinctly and deliberately declares that he knows

Video laboring outside liquor stores on Baseline in San Bernardino

During the first half of today I ministered at liquor stores on Baseline in San Bernardino. Where there’s lots of drugs, gangs, violence, prostitution, vice, and various sinister activity. Here’s a portion of a much larger labor of love. This gal told me “I accepted Jesus.” She attends a near-by unhealthy ‘church’ where her pastor