Pastors Brian Gunter and Jeff Durbin expose Speaker of the House Mike Johnson

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DISCLAIMER: I sometimes share excerpts from various sermons (or videos) from various Christians. However, this does not mean I endorse all views of every person shared here or in other videos on their channel.

Though I’ve never voted for a Democrat, I would not vote for most Republicans. Most are pro-homosexual, and, as you will see in the below video, pro-abortion. 

In this exposé, Pastors Brian Gunter and Jeff Durbin rightfully expose the Speaker of the House, Congressman Mike Johnson (Eph 5:11). So, this begs many questions. These are concerns, more than criticisms.

I do believe in opposing evil, the abolition of abortion, and criminalizing it. But a pastor’s primary responsibility is to feed the Lord’s sheep (John 21:15-19). That requires many hours of sermon preparation for one expositional sermon. The average pastor spends 13 or more hours in preparation for each sermon. 

If this pastor was spending lots of time in this legislative battle, it’s reasonable to ask the following. Was his flock suffering because of that? When does a pastor’s righteous battle become a distraction from their primary calling? When have they become entangled or over-engrossed with them? When does this become a social justice gospel? Or when do they become a secular pursuit (2 Tim 2:1-4)? So, wouldn’t it have been better to appoint another man in their congregation to fight this battle?

And what about Congressman Mike Johnson and the Southern Baptist Church he attends? Based on the information provided in this video, Johnson’s church should investigate this, and consider excommunicating him. But since he belongs to the woke SBC, I suspect that’s too much to ask for.

But more importantly.

We can know and trust that God is sovereignly decreeing these things to occur. That God’s wrath is being revealed (Rom 1:18) and His judgment upon America is imminent, and I rejoice.

Not saying this pastor was. But we shall not attempt to thwart God’s judgment nor assist it (Job 42:2). I fall short in knowing where to draw that line. But we will never err in going out into the world, to preach the Law and Gospel, including at abortion mills. And we do this while saying yes Lord, let Your will be done! 

And now their video.

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