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Ladies, run from Allie Beth Stuckey’s Arminianism, egalitarianism, universalism, ecumenicalism, truncated Gospel, and feminism!

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Before watching the below video, as I said in a previous 2020 blog post

In the name of her pro-life, political activism, and/or republican platforms, she is a continual compromiser. Her already existing ecumenicalism has risen to the level of religious pluralism. She partners in agreement with Roman Catholics, calls them brothers and sisters, partners with Glenn Beck a Morman, and Dennis Prager, et.al. whom the Scriptures clearly warn against (1 John 4:3).

She teaches a universal atonement, she loves worldly things such as the “pop culture.” She even instructs Christians to be “relevant” or “relatable.”

In another video, she wrongfully taught that the Bible claims Christians are not to “judge people,” nor “condemn” them when the Bible clearly says that we are to judge people (Biblically), and the unregenerate are already condemned; hence we must judge them warning them they are already condemned.

She has called wicked sins “mistakes and erroneous thought processes.” And has even implied that a person has more redemptive value, simply because they “moved over to the pro-life side.” Etcetera!

Though she admits that “a part of the fall” is for a woman to rule over her husband (or men), but then justifies speaking, preaching, and/or teaching audiences where men are sitting in the crowd. She calls those “men” who sit under her teaching “Relata-bros.” She justifies this because “my audiences are a majority of women.” All in direct violation of 1 Tim 2:11-15.

Though she admits women are not to be pastors. She says she is more qualified and could do a better job than many men. As she says this, she throws in the disclaimer that she’s not being “braggadocios.” Allie Beth Stuckey’s egalitarianism may not be as obvious as Joyce Meyers or Beth Moore’s. Allie Beth Stuckey is an egalitarianist.

A subtle but effective way to numb, equalize, or emasculate men, and get them to tolerate, acquiesce to, or normalize egalitarianism. Is invite them to a conference where their favorite men are the “speakers,” with a female as their “special guest.” A little egalitarianism egalitarians the whole lump. Men, I agree she looks good and sometimes sounds good. But you should not be acquiescing to her egalitarianism.

Source of below video: This video was originally seen on X (formally Twitter) via @Shepardto7. I am thankful for his content. I added the large captions.


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