In response to the active shooting at the Covenant Christian school in Nashville

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As an LAPD officer, on 11/14/91, I was involved in an active shooting at a church. But I did not respond to a shooting, nor was I attending that Church (I was an unregenerate heathen). But by God’s sovereign decree, unknowingly at that time, the Lord used me to be at that Church at the right time, to thwart five gang members from committing a massacre. By God’s grace not only did I survive that shootout physically. But by His effectual calling, He granted me repentance and faith in Christ. I was born again.

According to the Scriptures, these incidents will increase. And a solution to protecting our children is homeschooling.

Nevertheless, because the citizens are the first persons on the scene and the first victims, they are the true first responders. So, we should not rely on or trust in calling 911. Spiritually, we need to rely on and trust in Christ. Physically, it is not our mere Second Amendment right to defend life, it is our Biblical duty to defend life.

Therefore, what Christian venues need today is not only a greeter with a welcoming smile, which is a soft target. They also need Sheepdogs ready to defend the sheep. In the meantime, a solution to this sin problem, is let the Church militant publicly share His glorious Gospel with the lost world. Lastly, watch my below video about Sheepdogs.


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