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Santa Monica School District officials & police officer misapply 653b of the Calif. Penal Code, violating evangelists’ constitutional rights to preach at high school (video included)

It was encouraging to watch this video of Ronnie and his team preaching at Santa Monica High School. As expected some of the students could care less, but others were very interested in hearing more. But sadly at the end (beginning at timestamp 28:20), you will see a female police officer approach Ronnie. The officer

Video preaching at Colton High School (1 student hands out my tracts, school admin respond, hecklers & supporters, preached from Psalm 119:73-80)

CORRECTION: Regarding time-stamp 12:11. Please understand that I misspoke saying “water and spirit.” I do not teach that you must be water baptized to be saved. Bear in mind that I was preaching while walking, with no pulpit, no script, and lots of distractions and interruptions. But you should be water baptized after salvation. When the

Video preaching the Law & Gospel, God’s wrath, judgment, hell, repentance, love & salvation at Redlands High School; some hecklers, a thief grabbed my tracts, and much more (large crowds)

It’s a new school year, and today was my second high school this school year. Today the Lord provided perfect timing for several large crowds. We stop light preached both the Law and Gospel to hundreds of students. There were some mockers both visually and audibly. The ‘two-coupled’ visual scoffers need no explanation, my heart

Video open-air preaching the Law & Gospel @ Redlands Hi School

My voice is raspy from preaching downtown just prior. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to embed the Gospel into their minds. Pray that the Lord will grant many repentance, and bestow His salvation upon them. Pray that the Lord would embolden any Christian students that were present. And pray for my voice. “But