Video of Brother Ronnie open-air preaching at California High School (he does not flinch in the face of adversity)

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The Scriptures say that ‘the preaching of the cross is foolishness to those that are perishing.” The professed Christian in this video is also perishing. Open-air preaching should be hated by the world, but sadly it’s hated by most our unbiblical Americanized non-saved churchianity.

Believing in Jesus does not necessarily mean that you’re born-again of Christs Incorruptible Seed of Salvation. Fact is, these school officials would rather teach our children tolerance, sexual immorality (fornication & homosexual sex), and distribute condoms to them. But thanks be to God, Ronnie’s team is on the outside heralding the Gospel.

One principle that Ronnie and I both share, is always treat the box your standing on (or the sidewalk) as your pulpit. The heralds of the Bible are heralds not negotiators. The pulpit is not a place for negotiation, trifles, or comedy. Great job contending for the faith.

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