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Pastor tries to silence Preacher @ Disneyland – Podcast #60

Preaching the glorious Gospel in the streets of California, the land of fruits and nuts is always a challenge and a blessing. In this video, you will see (or hear) my beloved friend Ronnie herald the Gospel at Disneyland. Disneyland spends an enormous amount of its patron’s money financing the homosexual agenda, as they indoctrinate

Video of Brother Ronnie warning a ‘professing’ Christian woman that mocks his message, dresses like a prostitute, demonstrates an unbiblical “love,” all the while clinging onto her booze

At the turn of this Century I noticed an increase of pseudō churches, where their pastors fostered an environment of beer, hymns, and tattoos – at “church” (I regret my tattoos from decades ago.) But now they’ve even progressed to tattoo fundraisers at “church.” Perhaps this young woman attends one of them? This woman demonstrates the

Video of my friend Ronnie being attacked while preaching at the March for Science in Seattle: Preacher hit from behind & Satanic Temple marching but THE LORD REIGNS! (Warning profanities)

In the first 30 seconds you will see a Satanist wearing Easter bunny ears aggressively assault my friend Ronnie Cardiel. Take note that as soon as Ronnie recovers from this attack, he rejoices saying “Oh praise God, thank You Lord!” This is the book of Acts in action. Recover – Rejoice – and Regroup. This

Santa Monica School District officials & police officer misapply 653b of the Calif. Penal Code, violating evangelists’ constitutional rights to preach at high school (video included)

It was encouraging to watch this video of Ronnie and his team preaching at Santa Monica High School. As expected some of the students could care less, but others were very interested in hearing more. But sadly at the end (beginning at timestamp 28:20), you will see a female police officer approach Ronnie. The officer

The older I get, the fewer and farther between…

This thought to ponder and pray on is for both men and women, but here I will speak for the men. When I was a new convert and a younger man, I had plenty of older men to disciple me. However sadly I am now at a place in my life, where men that are

Video of Brother Ronnie enduring much heckling, physical pushing, heathens disabling his headset, and beer thrown on him as he heralds the glorious Gospel at the Seattle Sounders Soccer game

My esteemed brother Ronnie endures a lot in this short must see video. From serious heckling, to physical pushing, to heathens disabling his headset, as well as beer thrown on him.| Naturally the world hates the open-air preaching of the Gospel. But unnaturally many that profess to be born-again do not approve of this. Satan