Video of Brother Ronnie preaching the Gospel at another College, the hecklers increase as time goes, some responded to the Gospel with gladness

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Brother Ronnie texted me letting me know that he would be in town on this day. When the Lord brings Ronnie into town, if possible, I clear my calendar for him. Frankly every time we labor together, I am truly convicted under his preaching, as I was again.

He preached on one College campus, and then at a high school.

On this college Campus by God’s Divine grace, sovereignty, and providence, the right people stayed-put to hear his preaching. His preaching was even longer than this video.

As the crowd grew, Atheists & Hecklers rose up against his preaching. As the video goes, the Hecklers increased in numbers, and in aggression.

The sad part of this outreach, was that some ‘professing’ Christians used profanity as they objected to the preaching. Another ‘professing’ Christian spoke to me opposing our methods, as he proclaimed his own local celebrity pastor, as a good example for evangelism. When I rebuked that purpose-driven, ecumenical, sensual, heterodoxical, worldly churchianity; he angrily walked away.

There is a masculinity crisis within Americas Christendom. Because they’re not being Biblically discipled by men. I love what Jim Elliot Said, “Oh that God would make us dangerous!”

“We are so utterly ordinary, so commonplace, while we profess to know a Power the Twentieth Century does not reckon with. But we are “harmless,” and therefore unharmed. We are spiritual pacifists, non-militants, conscientious objectors in this battle-to-the-death with principalities and powers in high places. Meekness must be had for contact with men, but brass, outspoken boldness is required to take part in the comradeship of the Cross. We are “sideliners” — coaching and criticizing the real wrestlers while content to sit by and leave the enemies of God unchallenged. The world cannot hate us, we are too much like its own. Oh that God would make us dangerous!”

Albeit there were some that responded to Ronnie’s preaching with gladness. In faith, we believe that the Lord will produce much more good fruit in the future, from this outreach.

My favorite part of today, was sitting with Ronnie over lunch. It is fruitful to engage in Biblical koinonia, as we discussed ecclesiology and eschatological trends.

This was my first time using my ‘Rode’ ‘one-directional’ shotgun microphone on my camera. Considering that we did not use amplification, and that I was at a good distance from Ronnie, the microphone worked well. However regretfully I did not bring my bi-pod (sorry for any shaking).

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