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A must see video of Bro. Ronnie (and team) preaching in Las Vegas Memorial Day weekend; as scoffers mob Ronnie, but watch the facial expressions of those that are listening

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I was not present at this outreach, but I have had the privilege to stand with Ronnie on many occasions to herald the Gospel. This man’s love for the lost is amazing. Ronnie’s been beat down, assaulted, and arrested many times for proclaiming the Gospel. But he remains steadfast in the faith, and he never flinches in the face of adversity. Ronnie uses much wisdom and discernment to ignore the hecklers, as he keeps preaching to those that are still watching and listening. Though his opposition was intense. It’s as if you could see the work of the Holy Spirit stop others in their tracts, as they were being convicted. Oh Lord let those convictions be turned into conversions.

Brother Ronnie I thank God that you continue to remain orthodox in your street evangelism. As I recently stated in this short video.  Biblical Christianity does not simply invite people to ‘church.’ It goes out into the non-saved world, inviting and compelling them to repent and come to Christ.

Over the last year I have felt led to preach to ‘smaller’ crowds (without amplification), which gives me an opportunity to ‘teach’ them more, as I preach. But after watching this video (twice), I just pulled my TOA Megaphone out of storage, and am recharging its external batter pack as I type this.

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