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A must see video of two drunk ‘professed’ Christians plotting violence against open-air preacher Ronnie in Las Vegas

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Recently via YouTube I heard a Bible teacher (that many ‘close to me’ subscribe to), tell his audience that Christians must first get the worlds “permission,” before we share the Gospel with them. That comment is not only unbiblical, it is anti-biblical. It is very very emergent.

In this newly released video my esteemed friend Ronnie was preaching the glorious Gospel on the streets of Las Vegas. These two ‘professed’ drunk Christians try to impede his preaching. According to the cameraman and Ronnie, these false converts even “plotted” to harm Ronnie. Sadly these two men are a byproduct of emergent ‘pastors’ that will unbiblically tell you if you want to go to heaven then “repeat this prayer”, or “accept Jesus”, or “walk forward in this altar call”, or “raise your hand” in ‘church’ to be saved.

Thankfully men like Ronnie do not manufacture malignant results. They sow the Seeds, and trust in the Lord for His benign results. Nor do they display a greasy grace or sloppy agape. The Lord has gifted Ronnie with much wisdom, courage, and discernment. Since hundreds of others are still in the area, Ronnie presses-on despite of the opposition. Watch how the Gospel and prayer penetrate these men towards the end. Thank you for this video, please watch it in its entirety.

Side note: To know more about false conversions, these superstitious sinner’s prayers, unbiblical raise your hand altar calls, or the acceptance Gospel click on my article here. For my video teaching on alcohol, click here. Because true love rebukes and warns. To know more about eternal life and the need for salvation, click on the “How to know God” tab above.

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