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Big News – The SCOTUS will decide on the Lord’s Sabbath Day

The title of my blog post ought to offend every Christian. But the truth is, we learned from Covid, that a majority of local churches and professing Christians, by their demonstration, held a higher view (or fear) of the authorities and the State, than the Lord and His immutable Word of God. The big news

Pastor compares Disney World to Heaven while administering Baptism

We live in a time when Bereans are quickly slandered by wrongfully being called a “legalist,” “lacking grace,” or being “too critical.” So, I sought counsel from a group of Reformers asking them if my criticism of this baptism (video below) ‘would be a hill worth dying on, or that I might be too critical

Christians don’t believe the LIE that doctrine does not matter

Christians don’t believe the LIE that doctrine and sound teaching is not important. Christians are to practice it, defend and contend for it, and even rebuke those who contradict it. Below is just the tip of the iceberg of what GOD says about doctrine. Titus 1:9 “He must hold firm to the trustworthy word as

Has G3 Josh Buice & Paul Washer become Big Eva?

As you know I made a podcast calling out Josh Buice and Paul Washer for their false teaching and application on Romans 13. A fruit of that teaching was the cowardly closure of churches during Covid. Had it been their own private decision between their Elders, I would have remained silent. But what provoked me to

Pastor tries to silence Preacher @ Disneyland – Podcast #60

Preaching the glorious Gospel in the streets of California, the land of fruits and nuts is always a challenge and a blessing. In this video, you will see (or hear) my beloved friend Ronnie herald the Gospel at Disneyland. Disneyland spends an enormous amount of its patron’s money financing the homosexual agenda, as they indoctrinate

Who are my favorites?

Though I fall short, ever since I can remember, as per the authority of Jude 3, I’ve strived to obey the Hapax Legomenon and command to earnestly contend for the faith (epagōnizomai). But sadly, today, instead of contending for the faith, or giving a defense via apologetics, many wrongfully contend for or defend their favorite