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An Exposition of Psalm 23 (preached this sermon at my Church) 🐶

In this Psalm, we will see a God who saves, a God who restores, who leads, who provides, who disciplines, who loves, and who protects and secures. I also spoke about the principle of wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs, and how I’ve applied the sheepdog principle (or discipline) in Churches. In one incident I had to

Some of my many Tweets related to this COVID-19 melodrama

Below are some of my Tweets (and other brief thoughts) as this fluid “pandemic” situation unfolds and changes, and many of them were linked to my Gospel tract. The CoronaVirus is working. The NBA suspended their season. Now will the other sports gods and idolaters suspend their season? Because of COVID19 the President declares a

Christians arrested during pandemic, the Sheriff & Prosecutor, Shepard attacked by sheep, & we need SHEEPDOGS – Podcast 26

In this Podcast I analyze a pastor’s video message, rebuking his apathy (or cowardness), and his elitist attitude. Costi Hinn made snotty derogatory remarks against Christians if they found a Biblical way to “work around the government” calling us nothing but “social revolutionaries,” or “zealots” and even “dangerous” to society. And he did that while

Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs, by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Note by Chaplain Bill: With the current increase in youth violence, and the compromise and lack of courage in leadership, it’s time to recirculate this article. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Lt Col. Dave Grossman in a training environment as a police officer, and later in the private sector. Lt. Col. Grossman is the owner