Today I attempted my first gun show in Tennessee…🚫

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Today I attempted my first gun show in Tennessee. While waiting I heard them warn over the PA that no CCWs were allowed inside.

That’s why Tennessee has an unusually high incidence of firearms stolen from vehicles. Too many private venues won’t allow them inside. So do I,

a) comply like a sheep (leaving my CCW in the truck), or
b) sneak in a CCW anyways, or
c) be a #Sheepdog and boycott them?

No thanks #RKShows, I chose the latter.

I voiced my concerns to a group of men waiting outside to pay. That capitulating to such compromise at a “gun show” is too sheepish for me. That our first, second, and fourth amendments should not be for sale.

That’s the first time I could be heard saying “from my cold dead hands” while distributing Gospel tracts.

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