Tag: Warnings of false doctrine

A video teaching of Psalm chapter 1:1-3, by Bill Rhetts (whom Christians are ‘not’ to “walk” with, obeying God’s Law, and Biblical Christianity in a postmodern era & how to prosper)

As I prepared for this expository study (other than one scholar), I studied under the teachings of scholars from the 1400’s up to the 1800’s. Therefore, this teaching will not be ‘watered down’ with contemporary fruffles. We will learn of the dangers of ‘walking’ with non-saved ‘friends.’ We will also learn how to ‘Biblically’ love

A 90-second video on ‘Christian dieting’

This is very good. Christian dieting is about as oxymoron as Christian music, and so many other things that use Christianese to take Gods Word out of context, and profit off of. Most people pray for Gods mercy, I pray that He will take his John 2:15 whip of cords, turn over more tables, and