Short video ‘Jesus did not come for Social change,’ by John MacArthur

Though Christians should be engaged in our culture, as we love our neighbor, but not without being ‘salt and light.’ Apparently many don’t understand what being ‘salt and light’ truly is (according to the Scriptures). Furthermore, Christians are commanded to go out and preach (or share) the glorious Gospel, that is the paramount remedy. Having

Girl Scouts Join Planned Parenthood at Huge Pro-Abortion Conference

Years ago I encouraged the boycotting of the Girl Scouts and their cookie sales (for their acquiescence to homosexuality). But only to be laughed at (or argued with) by many professing (alleged) Christians. Maybe this will convince them otherwise. The unsaved world loves sin and compromise, but Christians  will expose and resist it. Read about

Preaching a Biblical love at a train depot – “Shut Up!”

Just prior to short sermon, I was preaching on the ‘train side’ of this station. A man who ‘professed’ to be a Christian interrupted accusing me of being “unloving,” alleging that I was “Bible thumping” them. Though I will not be uploading ‘that video,’ when I continued to preach, he began using profanities. Once the

Are you the ‘purple hippo’ Christian?

It’s important to be an impartial advocate of the truth, and to remove the log out of our own eyes. Therefore I’m going to examine this comic from a different angle. Though Pelagius was a false teacher, are you the man sitting on the purple hippo? The man on the hippo is an accurate depiction

The Glorious Gospel (our new IPOC Ministries Gospel Tract)

By God’s grace I have written this new Gospel Tract. All the previous tracts I’ve used fell short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23b). But due to the size of this one (1,815 words), it is richer in Theology, and deeper in Doctrine (1 Tim 6:3). However the costs of the ‘printed edition’ are