Venomous Eastern Copperhead snake

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This immediate area is highly populated with snakes. I saw this venomous Copperhead about 50’ from where I spotted this Water Moccasin.

I don’t always have a camera, or when I do, the snakes slither away before I get a shot.

In this encounter, I was tasked with handling my snake tongs in one hand, and a flashlight and GoPro in the other. Consequently, I did not hit the record button, so I went back on got this secondary footage before Mr. Snake disappeared.

According to National Geographic, the Eastern Copperhead is “Scientifically known as the Agkistrodon contortrix, a type of pit viper, American #Copperheads have heat-sensing dents between their eyes and nostrils which allows them to detect warm-blooded animals in the dark of night.”

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