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A must see video of brief ‘Powerful testimonies from former false converts’

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As I watched these brief testimonies, I shed many tears. Tears of joy because they were saved out of their false conversions, before they died. Tears of anguish because of the many false converts that proceeded them in death. That went to hell, deceived into thinking they were saved; when they were not.

As I’ve mention before in my article on the unbiblical sinner’s prayer, these ‘pastors’ are committing theological malpractice. But when they come to our homes and perform this malpractice on our children, it is a form of molestation, a spiritual molestation.

As their description field reads.

These four testimonies represent millions of untold people in America who believe themselves to be right with God because they have bought in to an easy form of Christianity that is nothing more than an insurance policy to save a person from hell. Christ’s power is not only to save one from hell, but to change His followers by giving them new hearts and making them more like Him in a lifelong process called sanctification. If you didn’t change, then you are not one of His. Please watch these testimonies and examine your own testimony.

To know more about this unbiblical ‘acceptance’ Gospel, the ‘sinner’s prayer,’ and/or those ‘slip up your hand’ altar calls; click on my article here.

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