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Praise report on last nights Saturday Night service

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Last night was our second Saturday Night service. We had 33 in attendance and six were first time comers. I was very pleased and blessed with the seriousness and the attentiveness of this congregation. These are serious followers of Christ.

Below is an audio of my message from last night. I taught out of Revelation 1:9-20 ’ Johns’ vision of ‘The Son of Man.’ I also asked them to take some precautions of a two movements emerging within the church.

1) Some mistakenly believe in Jesus as their socialist.
2) The risks of being only a ‘whosoever.’
3) I ended with a brief video who Jesus is.

Below is an audio from last night’s message. Glory to God!

Revelation Chapter 1:9-20 - by Bill Rhetts     

Or a 2 minute excerpt out of this 45 minute sermon on “how dare we cut & paste Gods Word & only sound bite Him.”