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Video of an expository teaching on the Epistle of 1st John Chapter 2:1-14

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This expositional teaching of 1st John chapter 2:1-14 will include (but is not limited to) the doctrine of substitutionary atonement, loving our enemies (I share about one of my police shootings). Another refute of easy-believism, several more Biblical ‘tests’ to see if you are in the faith. Biblical love vs an unbiblical love, the spiritual state of the three people groups, the Biblical way to ‘keep’ Gods commandments, what is a Biblical ‘alien’ in this cosmos. Avoiding divisive ‘isms and schisms,’ the “many” believers that will perish, false converts, and to not be too denominationally minded. Side note: The story about the stripper was on the ‘outside’ of a gentlemen’s club, not on the inside.

The watch the entire study throughout the Epistles of John, click on our tag here. This is also available in mp3 audio format here.

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