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Video on ‘Did Conservatives Cause the Planned Parenthood Shooting?’ by PJ media

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Planned Murderhood

The left has always hypocritically strived to silent the right. Though the Scriptures do have much to say about being wise with our words, I like what Bill Whittle said. “If you’re telling me that by opposing Planned Parenthood, you are inciting the crazy person to murder. What you are basically saying is my speech now has to be inhibited, so that I cannot do or say anything that might in the slightest way influence the craziest individual in the country… Then that means that every single one in this country must limit our speech so that we do not offend or motivate the craziest lunatic in this country. And I’m not going to live that way.”

Following Whittle’s above comment, is an even better comment by Scott Ott. The second video is my own commentary on abortion (filmed at a Planned Parenthood). – Chaplain Bill

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