Video of an introduction to the ‘1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith’

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As you should know by now, for years I’ve been adamantly opposed to the liberal contemporized, emergent, churchianity within America. However I believe that when a person has a complaint, that they should not complain, unless they can offer a solution to the problem. Other than repentance, here’s another solution to that problem.

Last week some men from my church attended a conference, in which two of the men in the below video were speakers. The theme for this conference was ‘Christology’, but this church and all speakers adhered to ‘1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.’

There are only a handful of these churches in So Calif, which hold this statement of faith. Two of them are here in the Inland Empire. I attended one of them this evening, for a special quarterly event. When a video of that wonderful message becomes available, I will post more about that church / message. (Update: That message can be heard here.)

Folks, just because we live in a postmodern err, does not mean that a local church has to be postmodern. Please read and consider the ‘1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.’

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