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Bill Rhetts open-air preaching at the San Bernardino City Hall & State building

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IPOC logo block pngOpen-air preaching at the San Bernardino City Hall & State building

While looking for a place to preach, I discovered there was a rally at the city hall. Once set up, I learned their rallies cause, was for the legalization of marijuana. I made my own one-man rally, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. I preached two messages ~

1) This one, on the ‘Romans Road to Salvation.’
2) Another on the ‘Ten Commandments,’ and how we all have broken them all.

Sadly you will hear two subjects take Gods Word out of context, to justify their marijuana use.

Afterwards, many tracts were handed out. Some approached to antagonize me, some to mock God. However, a few did have some sincere heart felt questions, regarding sin, Gods Word, and salvation.

I also preached another message in front of the State building. The seeds were planted, and the results are the Lord’s.

So that our videos are not repetitive, I will not be uploading every video of every open-air outreach. Just an occasional video here and there.


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