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Deputy Overdoses on Fentanyl, Caught on Camera – Podcast #55 😰👮‍♂️💙

After watching this heartbreaking video, I will discuss what the Bible says about drugs and drug users. I also apply some law enforcement experience. The aforementioned reports can be downloaded from the below links. Incident report https://www.theexpositor.tv/wp-content/uploads/SDSD-Incident-Report.pdf Dispatch log https://www.theexpositor.tv/wp-content/uploads/SDSD-Dispatch-log.pdf Lab report https://www.theexpositor.tv/wp-content/uploads/LabReport21128566.pdf

Dramatic video of Georgia police officers administering CPR, applying an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and injecting Narcan into a man that overdosed on opioids

Sadly we live in an era where many people will only post videos of police officers caught on camera while engaging in questionable predicaments (while never knowing the full context, or all the facts). But here’s one that deems these fine police officers as ‘heroes.’ Albeit this was difficult for me to watch. Because just

A young women acts immature & disrespectful in court. The judge raises the bail, she flips the judge off – watch what happens next

Disclaimer: Ms. Penelope Soto should be considered innocent, unless proven guilty in the court of law! On 02-04-13, 18-year-old Penelope Soto appears at a video conference hearing. before Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat, in a Miami Florida courthouse. It appears that she was trying to claim ‘indigent’ before the judge. An ‘indigent defense’ means that she