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Open-Air preaching @ Redlands High School, on Marijuana Sorcerers, by Bill Rhetts

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IPOC logo radial pngOpen-Air preaching @ Redlands High School, on Marijuana Sorcerers

Because I was by myself, I didn’t want to take a chance of getting my camera knocked off the tri-pod. Therefore, I mounted it on my car parked away from me.

Unbeknown to me, the bigger crowd was just to my left (out of the cameras view,) in the parking lot.

It’s better to have a person with me, to operate the camera; to pan and capture the reaction of others. In the middle of my message, there was a heckler in a carload of students, who screamed and flipped me off.

As Paul Washer said, “If your properly preaching the Gospel, it will be scandalist. And if you try to make it less of a scandal, you no longer preach the Gospel.” I admit I wasn’t properly preaching a polished perfect message, but Gods Word never goes void.

At the end, you will hear a father who was picking up a student, yelling and waving his hand in the air in agreement. I suspect many Christian parents would want open-air there every day. You may subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

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