Video ‘Preacher ‘sniffs out’ drugs while preaching at the DMV’

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I preached from the ’Parable of the Dragnet‘, @ the S.S.A. building and DMV. The lines at the DMV were very long, wrapping along two sides of the building. Since I have not yet been told to leave ‘this’ building (on prior occasions,) I handed them all a tract. There’s no way they could all hear my voice, even if I raised it. Hence, I used amplification (with reasonable volume) and preached the Gospel. I prefer that because then I can with talk normal voice. The Holy Spirit had nearly all of them listening with much interest.

Afterwards I made myself available for Q&A and prayer. I smelled marijuana while preaching, so I canvassed the vehicles to see where it was coming from. This young man was Biblically rebuked. As I was driving away the CHP (State police) was arriving. What’s ironic is that they were not there for the drugs, they came to arrest the preacher. The CHP have increasingly been arresting street preachers for preaching on, or even near state buildings. I then preached at SSA office.

To watch my detailed expositional teaching on this parable, watch “The Lords DRAGNET & His GOD SQUAD” on my channel here.

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