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Bold message on ‘The Battle of the Bottle,’ by Adrian Rogers

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It’s a crying shame that the many well known pastors, known to take unpopular stands on controversial issues, have passed away.

As pastor Adrian Rogers said, “Alcohol is America’s most dangerous drug… Alcohol is the devils counterfeit for being filled with the Holy Spirit.” The story about the young girl that died in the vehicle accident, will get your attention.

The majority of church buildings across America are filled with drinkers. There’s a Christian owned gym in the city of Yucaipa, which holds a weekly Bible study at their gym. Sounds great doesn’t it? Problem is the young man that teaches their Bible study, is a bartender at a restaurant here in Redlands. That’s the post-modern emergent church for you.

It’s more common than you think. Last week I preached at another nude bar. Listen the lady bartender in this video, which professed to be a Christian.

Beloved, if the Lord granted a knucklehead like me repentance, and delivered me from this bondage; then He can do the same for you. In addition, fell free to watch my Bible study on alcohol here.

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