Be a Servant in the Church, Not a Consumer, by Clint Leiter

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Many benefit from I’ll Be Honest’s YouTube channel, and I am thankful for that. The various churches associated with I’ll Be Honest are consistently demonstrating many healthy attributes, and lots of good fruit. And yes, using your own congregation’s gifts, is one of them (except here, this church is using a guest speaking from the outside).

Though we may serve in different capacities, if you’re born-again, you’ve been saved to serve. You are ‘ipso facto’ from the time of spiritual conception or conversion. But is your local church using you?

I appreciate our more solid reformed churches, especially those that are fully confessional. The only thing I miss about Arminian churches, is they generally use their own sheep, and they use them well. Hence, there are less pew potatoes. Though they (Arminians) may be doctrinally or theologically underdeveloped, but in that sense; they are healthy.

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