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Sermon jam on “It will cost a real disciple everything,” by Steve Lawson

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This sermon jam is out of Luke Chapter 14. Don’t believe today’s emergent churchianity which says all you have to do to be saved is “slip up your hand”, or just “repeat this prayer,” or just “accept Jesus.”

A born-again Christian will be sold-out to the Lord Jesus, not a sell-out to the world. A born-again Christian will repent and believe. They will commit and surrender to Christ. They will obey the Gospel. They will not be like the rest of the world, they will no longer be a friend of the world. They will keep (tēréō) His commandments. And they will no longer willfully continue in their sins. They will fear God, and will revere His Word. They will have a passion for the lost. Their heart will become regenerate, they will be sanctified (set apart). A born-again Christian will be willing to count the costs, including dying for the cause of Christ, and the furtherance of His Gospel. And yes of course, a born-again Christian will be born-again of the incorruptible Seed, which means they we be radically changed into a new creation in Christ. None of the aforementioned is a ‘works’ to become saved. This will occur once we become saved freely and solely by His grace.

Thanks to ‘illbehonest’ for this great editing job. Mr Lawson you’ve been tagged.


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