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Video on ‘The Idolatry of the 1st Amendment,’ by Elder Jerry Johnson

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This is an excellent video. May I add some of my own comments from another another blog post below,

Since the inception of social media I have noticed that many professing Christians have given the appearance of committing idolatry with our U.S. Constitution. Many of them have put the Bill of Rights above and before the Scriptures. The truth is, our Constitution was penned by “theistic rationalists.” Though I greatly benefit from the First Amendment, I must see it for what it is. It is a secular ecumenical document that fosters an environment for ecumenicalism and religious pluralism. That my friend is not Christian. We need to think less like Americans, and more like Christians. The book of Acts is still open.

Though Americans benefit from the Bill of Rights. Anytime the Constitution contradicts or goes against the Scriptures, we must obey the Scriptures. We must think more like Christians, and less like Americans, lest the Constitution or “our rights” become idolatry.

Or, as I said here,

Though we benefit from the American Civil Rights Act & the Constitution. But when they go against the Sacred Scriptures, we must resist secularism and obey God’s Word over man’s rule of law. 

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