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Big News – The SCOTUS will decide on the Lord’s Sabbath Day

The title of my blog post ought to offend every Christian. But the truth is, we learned from Covid, that a majority of local churches and professing Christians, by their demonstration, held a higher view (or fear) of the authorities and the State, than the Lord and His immutable Word of God. The big news

Happy Sabbath Day! This Lord’s Day is not about us…

Happy Sabbath Day! This Lord’s Day is not about us, our families, our sports, our pleasures, our work, our recreation, our entertainment, or the false deity of me, myself, and I. But it is everything about our LORD. The Lord’s Fourth Commandment says, “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou

Videos of ‘The Gospel Invasion of the Redlands DMV’ (a hostile heckler, police response, professed Christians, real Christians, and a gentleman atheist & much more)

As you may know, some evangelists have been getting cited, arrested, and even prosecuted in criminal court for preaching at DMV’s (public property.) Last month I was told by a supervisor to leave the property (video here). I have since obtained a permit by the State (a permit to “proselytize”). This proselytizing permit will enable