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Video of Ronnie Open-Air Preaching at a Market Night in Redlands

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I am thankful to have met Ronnie, and his open-air preaching team. The Lord is using them in a mighty way. He his bold, loving, articulate, passionate, and has an appearance / charisma that captures the attention of many. Moreover, he is proclaiming the Word of God, and warning the lost, and non-saved ‘believers’ of their wrath to come. That is a Biblical love.

Two weeks ago they had a larger team which walked in a scrimmage line. However, there was a larger presence of atheists, from an Inland Empire based Atheists Association, that mocked the Christians as they walked.

This week his team was scattered abroad, passing out tracts, and witnessing one on one. I regret not filming more of them.

While the atheists association was not here tonight, one psychic called the police to complain, and one angry fellow (you’ll see in this video) became confrontational, and then yelled “there is no God.” Not too mention the many other scoffers trying to silence him.

As usual there are always a few ‘believers’ that feel “led” to tell us that we should not be preaching out in the open (Satans attempt to discourage us.)

One of the gals attends a mega church here in Redlands. Ron politely warned her that many who attend contemporary churches are not born-again, and in fact are falsely led to believe that they are.

In this particular ladies church, her pastor closes his Sunday morning service saying “Now close your eyes and bow your hands. Now while no one is looking, if you want to accept Jesus into your heart, just slip up you hand.” When some did so, he then declared them all officially born-again. What a travesty.

Another ‘believer’ advised us that salvation is simply “accepting Jesus into your heart.” She had no idea that was nowhere to be found in the Scriptures.

I have never preached while walking, until Ron passed his microphone over to me. It’s more difficult than standing still that’s for sure. Pray for those seeds planted. Pray for all those one on one conversations. Feel free to log in, and comment below. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Disclaimer: This was not an IPOC Ministries outreach. It was a joint effort by many Christians, from different churches and ministries.

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