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Ten Shekels and a Shirt, a must-hear sermon by Paris Reidhead

The late Paris Reidhead was undoubtedly one of the best preachers of the Twentieth Century. He preached this powerful sermon in 1965. I can only imagine what he would say today.  As I’ve warned the brethren many times, most have too high a view of man, or as Paris said a “reverence for life,” to

Donating more books Dispensationalism, Arminianism & Pragmatism

Though I am very appreciative of the many books I have read and accumulated over many decades. But when they are no longer in use, and become mere dust collectors, and/or are doctrinally indifferent, then it’s time to redistribute another box of books, which makes more room for new books (or more solid old books).

Pastors protesting for their best life now

Today many pastors across America are joining Canadians in their protest against Canada’s ban on conversion therapy, as well as their new laws that limit their speech in regards to what the Bible says about sexual immorality.  The Church today would do well to repent from embracing, following, or emulating postmodern pastors. Instead, they should