Chick-fil-A is not a “Christian company,” and they’ve been woke

I remember when Chick-fil-A opened in California. Evangellyfish were getting their panties all in a bunch over the hype, and I warned them then. It was not uncommon to see pro-lifers outside abortion clinics uploading photos of themselves in possession of Chick-fil-A paraphernalia. I guess they supposed they were showcasing or signaling that they were

Imprecatory Prayers Against President Joseph Biden – Podcast 61

President Biden recently committed blasphemy (again) against Almighty God. After playing that video, I discuss covenant theology vs. dispensationalism, and then imprecatory prayers. Regarding my comments against public schools, I failed to mention the solution, which is homeschooling. If the Secret Service desires to visit my home, you’re wasting your valuable time. As while I